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Investment Opportunities

Few investment opportunities present the ability to be a life changing event.  NWI Medical Group presents such an opportunity.  Our innovative approach to delivering high value and proactive outcomes for health care is the future of medicine.  Easy access and the ability to deliver proactive medicine and bring forth preventive outcomes is exactly where NWIMG is today.  Our approach is to offer preventive detection through state-of-the-art testing and highly trained providers who design individual care pathways for outcomes-driven results in Hypothyroidism,  Hypertension, Diabetes, and more.  Early detection is key to the “pre-disease state” approach for healthier outcomes.  This is where traditional medicine should be but it’s not, but NWIMG is!  So if you feel passionate about making a difference and you’re looking for a unique investment opportunity please feel free to contact me personally.


Faiz Shareef

NWIMG Clinics L.L.C.
Mobile: 630-699-6846
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