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Letter From the President & CEO, NWIMG Clinics –

Amid a growing national healthcare crisis where patients can barely afford basic care and emergency rooms and clinics are filled beyond capacity, more and more people need access to non-emergency care that doesn't incur costly medical bills. Too often, patients with non-life-threatening injuries go to local emergency rooms simply because they can't afford private doctors. Hospitals pass on the cost of unpaid bills through increased charges to other patients. If this cycle continues, only a very few will be able to afford quality care. In answer to this burgeoning problem, a new wave of immediate care facilities is rising around the country that offers non-emergency patients high-quality treatment at an affordable cost. Doctors Immediate Care has recently opened its state-of-the-art facility that will provide access to the residents of NWI as well as to the surrounding communities of NWI Within minutes of walking through the doors, patients can expect to receive high-quality care for non-emergency conditions and injuries. A staff of highly-trained physicians and bi-lingual office personnel is there to provide quality services that include basic physicals, x-ray testing, physical therapy, and same-day diagnostic testing.
An example of a low-cost service: $25 covers a basic x-ray exam while $10 covers a 30-minute therapeutic massage special.
Nearly all insurance plans are accepted.
Cash and credit is also accepted.
Doctors Immediate Care also specializes in the treatment of work and automobile injuries.
Please join us in celebrating our Grand Opening of our new facilities
Contact Person: Paula Rousis
Company Name: NWI Medical Group
Telephone Number: 1-888-684-8662
Email Address: drfaizshareef@gmail.com
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